The Hungry's Symphony

Naadiya Mills(AD)

41 million of American's face hunger. 13 million of which are children. 1/8 of the population of New York goes hungry. For the hungry they hear a familiar tune everyday, the rumbling of their empty tummies. City Harvest in collaboration with Music Under New York will arrange and promote a unique musical compilation. This unique music features the rumbling sounds of a hungry tummy.


Musicians set up by Music Under New York will perform this special rendition of "The Hungry's Symphony." They will appear to play their instruments but the music will be growling tummies. Donations made will go towards City Harvest.

To reach a wider audience. Carnegie Hall will have a special performance of "The Hungry's Symphony" at the beginning of the show. Donation details will be noted in the playbill. 



In partnership with Billboard Top 100. "The Hungry's Symphony" will temporarily take over the number one spot on the charts. When the track is played a growling tummy will be heard along with the message "America's most listened to melody is a hungry tummy." Donation details will be noted at the end.

In partnership with award shows, the nominees reel will feature  "The Hungry's Symphony" as a contender. The short clip will tell of Hunger in America. 

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