Naadiya Mills(AD)

Netflix has a content library size of over 5500+ options to chose from. Yet, many of it's users echo the same sentiments – they do not know what to watch on Netflix.  Filtering through Netflix's large database is time consuming and exhausting. It risks the user abandoning the platform after the first 30 - 60 seconds. Netflix is in need of a better user experience.


Netflix is not just a library of content, it's a library of on demand emotions and moods to compliment how you are feeling or how you want to feel.

In addition to asking who is watching, Netflix will also ask:

How are you feeling?

Digital Banner Ads will be displayed around shopping malls and bus stops. By looking into the banner ad, one's mood will be read and a movie will begin to play based on the detected mood. Customers will have the option to continue watching the movie by scanning the QR code that appears. Negative moods will play positive movies. 

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