The Campaign Pepsi Should Have Done.

by Naadiya Mills (Art Direction & Copywriting)


In early 2017, Pepsi released a short film commercial that was not well received. While Pepsi's intention was to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding the final execution failed to highlight that message. Here's how this message could have been delivered.


Pepsi will help to mobilize the #PepsiGeneration through complimentary custom made picket signs that are visually appealing and impactful. The goal is to help to create actual change versus fictional change. 


In June of 2017 over 1 million people participated in protests. A conversation has begun on many issues such as human rights, immigrant rights, gun laws, LGBTQ and women rights. Pepsi should solidify its message of unity, peace and understanding by playing a part in causing history.

Protest Signs

While many take to the streets with homemade signs the illegibility and lack of design results in low visual impact and therefore a powerful message lost. 

The New Picket Sign

Power of Visuals   x   Power of Music

By finding a common ground among all people such as music and using lyrics of widely popular songs to support each protest message, Pepsi can use nostalgia and 'sticky' lyrics to enforce protest messages.   

The Website

A website will be built where complimentary signs can be ordered through website.

Pepsi will list causes it supports.

Pepsi will list artists for person to choose from.

Person chooses lyrics that are most appealing to them. Using song lyrics filters out inappropriate messaging.

Person will fill out their mailing info. 

Using Format